Boris Eifman: Beyond Sin

Boris Eifman: Beyond Sin

The first staging of Boris Eifman in Slovakia

The season will culminate with the première of Beyond Sin from the repertoire of the world famous Eifman Ballet. The production shall be the first staging of their work in Slovakia. In the spirit of the contemporary prodigy of choreography Boris Eifman, the production presents a psychological ballet, an attempt to create a dance equivalent to Dostoyevsky´s masterpiece The Brothers Karamazov. The novel inspired the production about the destructive passions and eternal struggle between God and Devil. The choreographic insight into the souls of the main characters enables us to follows the storyline of the novel with its leitmotif: /If there is no God, then everything is in line with law.” The author paraphrases it from contemporary perspective: “God does exist, and yet everything happens in line with law.”

The captivating choreography enhanced by the three musical giants of the 20th century – Wagner, Mussorgsky and Rachmaninov, impressive set and interpretative challenge offer a promise of an unusual experience.

Conductor: Branislav Kostka

Music: Richard WagnerModest Petrovič MusorgskijSergej Rachmaninov

Choreographed and directed by: Boris Eifman

Photo: Peter Brenkus

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