Gioacchino Rossini: Il signor Bruschino

Gioacchino Rossini: Il signor Bruschino

Single-act comic opera performed in Italian

Composing was no sweat and tears to Gioacchino Rossini. With slight exaggeration, composing a full-length opera took the great master as much effort as inventing a recipe for steam salmon with hollandaise or one for beef Wellington.

The single-act opera Il signor Bruschino is a masterpiece with complex plot and characteristic operatic climax. A son is not the actual son. He is merely an enamoured suitor of Miss Sofia. Because of an unpaid bill, the genuine son disappears in the cellars of the tavern-master Filiberto. The old Bruschino is forever hot, even when the others aren’t. The maid Marianna is keen on the bachelor Gaudenzio, who obviously keeps on resisting her. Gaudenzio’s actual problem is rather to find out which of the Bruschino family it is to face him. That, indeed, is something the representative of law and (dis)order, the Police Commissioner wants to resolve in all dignity, or at least “settle”. So simple are the stories of the legendary chef and gourmet of Pesaro, gifted with a unique musical talent.

Conductor: Marián Lejava

Directed by: Martin Bendik

Photo: Kristína Karásková

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