Giuseppe Verdi: Nabucco

Giuseppe Verdi: Nabucco

Opera in four acts in Italian language

The power of this early work of Giuseppe Verdi lies in attractive mass scenes and scene with the choir. The Babylonians lead by their King Nebuchadnezzar (Nabucco) invaded to Jerusalem, destroyed the Solomon’s Temple and forced the Israelites to leave for Egypt as captives. But Jehovah, the God of Israelites punished him and Nabucco got insane. He had to cope also with the intrigues of his reputed daughter Abigaille; at the end he discovered his guilt, acknowledged the power and greatness of Jehova, and gives the Israelites their freedom. The well-known ‘Va pensiero’ (the Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves) represented the desire of the Italians for freedom and independence in the time when the opera was composed.

Conductor: Martin Leginus (30 December, 14 February) / Rastislav Štúr (31 January, 10 March)

Directed by: Zuzana Gilhuus

Photo: Alena Klenková

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