Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: The Abduction from the seraglio

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: The Abduction from the seraglio

A three-act Singspiel performed in German

With the last premiere of the season, the SND Opera Studio project continues – in which young artists are provided with the opportunity to participate in the preparation of a new opera performance and gain more professional experience and draw attention to themselves from the greater opera public. After the first year in which the SND Historical Building hosted the Slovak premiere of the musical comedy King Theodore in Venice by Giovanni Paisiello produced by Hans Werner Henze comes one of the most famous works in opera literature – the lyrical comedy Singspiel by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: The Abduction from the Seraglio. This work full of poetic ingenuity, youthful energy and compositional virtuosity is also an entertaining theatrical story, the protagonists of which significantly outgrow the conventions of the clichés of the period and appeal to us with surprising vitality and credibility.

Conductor: Maroš Potokár

Directed by: Ján Ďurovčík

Photo: Anton Sládek

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